Yoman Man (文耀铭) - Senior Pastor, Cantonese Congregation

Pastor Man has served at CBCOP since 2004. He began his pastoral ministry in 1980 in Hong Kong. During the 1990’s, he was the General Secretary of the Evangelical Free Church of Hong Kong, China in which he oversaw ministries of church-planting, Christian education, social service, publication, ministerial development, and denomination affairs. He came to United States in 1998 and served at the Chinese Evangelical Free Church of Greater Chicago in Arlington Heights from 1999-2003. Pastor Man also has a passion for overseas missions by serving in missions organizations which serve in South Africa, Brazil, Macau, and Taiwan. Pastor Man received a Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Bachelor of Theology from Evangel Theological College.

He and his wife Margaret have two children. During his free time Pastor Man enjoys reading, photography, travelling and a friendly game of table tennis.

How would you describe the Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park since it has three distinct congregations?
CBCOP is a community of believers of Jesus Christ, who desire to change their life’s purposes and values, and their character and behavior according to the Bible in order to love and glorify God, and to love and serve others. In practice, this church unites three language groups into one body in love and in mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, especially to the Cantonese speakers, the Mandarin speakers, and the Asian Americans.
You have had a long history of serving in both Chicago and in Hong Kong. How did this prepare you as a Senior Pastor?
A pastor is a servant of God who is called to preach and teach the Word, to lead people to Christ, and to oversee and shepherd God’s people. In the past thirty some years, I was called to serve three churches as Senior Pastor (including the current ministry), and a church denomination office as the General Secretary. I was given the opportunities to develop and master the gifts of pastoral ministries among Cantonese Chinese in Hong Kong and the Chinese immigrants in Chicago. The experience in Hong Kong taught me how to serve and lead in God’s way, while the experience in United States exposed me to the diversity of God’s Kingdom. The most important responsibility of a Senior Pastor is to discern and obey God’s will for the church for the moment.
How do you see the Cantonese ministry growing at CBCOP?
The major focuses of the Cantonese ministry are to help believers to grow into maturity acceptable in God’s sight and to help them to lead people to Christ. The Cantonese believers would be better in communicating the gospel to the Chinese immigrant community which has been in Chicagoland for a while.
In general, what do you think are unique opportunities for people to serve at CBCOP?
We welcome every Christian, who desires to grow spiritually in Christ and is willing to work with other Christians to bring more people to Christ, to join our ministry to serve the Chinese and Asian community for God.